Juicy Details

Lyrics ©2015 by Bill, Gretchen, and Katie Roper
Music ©2015 by Bill and Gretchen Roper

Here's the song that we wrote for Katie's second grade teacher, Mrs. Djurdjevic. After school on the day that we delivered it, Mrs. D thanked me for it, saying it was the coolest gift she had ever gotten, which was really nice to hear.

       C                              G
If you want to write a story that you hope will be superb,
     F                                C
Your sentence needs more to it than a solitary verb.
     F                                 C                 A
It’s all the nouns and adjectives that make them want to fuss,
       D                              G
‘Cause everyone will want to know the color of the bus
     F                            C              A
That rolled downhill when they forgot to set the brake
    D                           G
And wound up at the bottom of a nearby placid lake.
F                            C                   A
If you manage to include the who, when, why, and how,
         D                                 G               C
They are gonna want to hear it and they’ll want to hear it now!

    F                             C
The magic’s in the details, those juicy, juicy details,
    G                                C
The things that make a story grim or grand.
The who, what, where, and why of it,
    C                     A
How long, how strong, how high of it.
    D               G           C       G   C   G   C
The details help us all to understand.

If you want to be a scientist, I’ll give you some advice:
The Scientific Method says you have to do it twice.
You’ve got to fill your notebook up with everything you did
And then it can be duplicated by some other kid.
Yes, any new discovery from the small up to the great
Won’t count without the details that you need to replicate.
“A dash of this, a bit of that” are nowhere near exact,
But grams and milliliters let you prove that it’s a fact.
The Earth is just a big blue ball when seen from outer space.
You’ve gotta look much closer if you want to know the place:
The rivers and the mountains, the cities and the roads – 
You keep on looking closer, the diversity explodes.
From the tallest redwood to the smallest grain of sand,
There’s an awful lot to learn about the world on which we stand.
With all the little details of the causes and effects,
Of all the things you study, this could be the most complex.

     F        C                G              C
When Mrs. D reminds us that we gotta put them in,
      F                             D            G
We’ll go to the beginning and we’ll try it once again.

(Chorus twice)
The juicy, juicy details,
    C            A
The juicy, juicy details,
    D                 G            C       G   C
The detail’s there to help us understand!