Hyperspatial Network

Lyrics and Music ©2005 by Bill Roper

It turns out that someone has actually written a trilogy of novels describing this sort of situation. I was thinking of "Radar Love" myself...

        E                              A
Through eighteen lost dimensions, I am searching for a line
         C                            A             D         E
For your node there in the network to draw a little closer to mine.
          E                                   A
There are pathways and connections, there are highways and dead ends,
      C                        A           D       E
But I only need one roadway so we can be together again.
       A                     E
It's a tangle of confusion, uniting where and when
       A                            B7
As I'm listening for an echo from a lover and a friend.
     E                          A
I am lost and I am lonely, I am far and far away,
    C                            A       D      E
But if I just get lucky, I'll be at your door today.

	         A                          C      D      E
	It's the hyperspatial network, come on and take a spin
	       A                                   B7
	On the hyperspatial network, ‘cause you've got to play to win.

It's a transportation system that no human understands
And it's outgrown its creators in a way they never planned.
Yeah, everything's connected, but the map has been misplaced.
It's a leap for hope and glory when you leap through hyperspace.
But I know that you are out there and you're waiting on the line,
And I'm ready for transmission and I'm praying we'll be fine.
I am seeking a connection that will send me homeward bound,
But if I'm not arriving, you will know where I am found.


        A                                  E
You can twist me, you can bend me, you can turn me inside out.
         A                                                    B7
It's the chance I might be home tonight that makes me want to shout.

There's a pathway in the network – it's a pathway I can find
Past the hyperspatial junction where you're putting yourself on the line.
Through eighteen lost dimensions that Euclid never knew
I can find the shortest distance to bring me home to you.
I am transiting a network where the lines are never straight,
But I'm listening for your signal and you know I'm feeling great,
‘Caus you know I hear you callin' and you know your call is strong.
So you keep hangin' on there and you know I'll be along.

	         A                          C      D      E
	It's the hyperspatial network, come on and take a spin
	       A                              B7                E
	On the hyperspatial network, ‘cause I play this game to win.