Fortune's Child

Lyrics and Music ©2002 by Bill Roper

I'll sing this in public. Some day.

G            Em    C              D
I am a lucky man.  I am fortune's child.
       C              D              G             Em
And if life was never easy, well, it never was too wild.
   C           D         Bm              G
We never had a place for we were sent to roam,
      C              D             C           D
But I had two loving parents and I had a happy home.
      G               Em          C            D
And I learned so many things as I grew to be a man:
     C                 D                 G                 Em
Good luck might be the offspring of your training and your plan.
C                D           Bm               G
Keep your morals straight, remember right and wrong,
    C              D                C      D   G
And watch for opportunity when life brings it along.

	  C          D              G          Em
	I need to be lucky one more time in my life.
	          C        D            C              D
	I've been lucky so often that I don't have the right.
	        C          D               Bm             G
	Still I pray every evening that my wish will come true
	      C              D                     G
	And I pray that I'll share this dream with you.

When fortune came my way, I grabbed and held on tight,
And folks might say I'm lucky and I know that they'd be right.
Now I will roam no longer  I have settled down to stay
With good friends to fill the evening and good work to fill the day.
But fortune wasn't done, for it brought you to my side
And I knew I was so lucky when you said you'd be my bride.
Now I reach out as you're sleeping and I gently stroke your hair
In the wee hours of the morning and I'm glad that you are there.


I am a lucky man.  I am fortune's son.
But if luck should turn against me, can the game we play be won?
If preparation counts, then I know we must succeed
And if loving is the answer, then we've got all that we need.
But each time we roll the dice, I can see it in your face.
I can feel the joy and terror in your trembling embrace.
And I hope the pain you feel will someday be worthwhile
As we're searching for the answers on the quest of fortune's child.