Flying On a Rainbow

Lyrics and Music ©2024 by Bill Roper

There are days that I want a warp drive so badly. :)

And one day, it got me this song.

Asus2             G/D
Fire the engines, start the drive.
D                    Dm
Watch the warp field come alive.
    Asus2             E7                 Asus2 E7
The time has come for this young bird to fly.
Asus2              G/D
Space stirred up into a foam
      D                    Dm
Where leptons, quarks, and gluons roam
Asus2             E7                Asus2
Leaves a contrail running cross the sky.

      G/D         Asus2
We’re flying on a rainbow,
        D                 Asus2
Pushing past the speed of light.
     G/D              Asus2
I’ll meet you there tomorrow
       D        E7   Asus2
On the far side of tonight.

A warp drive is a tricky thing
With current pulsing round the ring
To bend a hole for us in time and space.
Our energy has got to flow
And so it does, before you know,
Our ship will slip away to run the race.

That energy will leave a track
Out behind us looking back
As we fly faster than the speed of light.
Violet, blue, on down to red,
A rainbow trails us where we sped
And leaves our mark to shine across the night.

(Bridge to chorus)
    D                  Asus2            E7               Asus2
Our rainbow’s light is bright enough to shine across the galaxy
    D           Asus2            E7
And in a couple million years, Andromeda will surely see.

Now we’re searching for the rainbow’s light
Leaving traces in the night
In galaxies we see both near and far.
Looking for another track
To tell us life is looking back,
That we are not the only lucky star.

(Chorus twice)