Everything Ends

Lyrics and Music ©2023 by Bill Roper

Chambanacon has, alas, reached the end of the road after more than 50 years. It's a convention that's been very important to me and a lot of other folks that I know, including Brenda Sutton, who has worked very hard to keep it running over the last decade or thereabouts. But it had reached the point where new blood was needed to keep the con running and the right people to do it simply weren't available, so it was time to close it down.

Brenda invited me to be the Music Guest for this last Chambanacon, which I was greatly honored by. And, under the circumstances, I figured I owed her a song.

We’ve been down so many roads
With friends to lighten up our loads.
      D            Dm
We’ve been so many places
And we’ve seen so many things.
Sunrise, sunset, nights between,
Friendships that were evergreen,
Kicking up the traces
      E7sus4    E7
Where everybody sings.

Everything ends someday.
Everything ends and that’s ok.
Playing all the games that we wanted to play
    E7sus4      E7
And we had fun along the way.
Even though we might want to stay,
We know we’re gonna be ok,
       E7sus4          E7    AMaj7   (E7sus4 AMaj7)
‘Cause everything ends – someday.

Counting days and counting years,
Counting joys and counting fears.
Memories stacked higher
Than the mountains we recall.
I know you and you know me
In ways that no one else can see.
Toss a log upon the fire
And watch sparks fly and fall.

The more time flies, the more things change,
The more we have to rearrange.
You know that wisdom comes with age.
It’s time to turn another page.

And so it’s time when one thing ends,
A place we met so many friends,
Made memories together
With laughter and with tears,
And a melody we still recall,
Laughing, skipping down the hall.
A pleasant sort of tether
To bind us cross the years.

(Chorus twice)

E7sus4          E7    AMaj7
Everything ends – someday.
      E7sus4          E7    AMaj7
Yeah, everything ends – someday.