Dream What You Want

Lyrics and Music ©2010 by Bill Roper

I'm a cockeyed optimist. I'm also a cynic, but that just keeps me from being disappointed too often.

When it comes down to it, I'd rather be an optimist. They seem to have better luck...

(D)           G              D
You've got to dream what you want.
C                D
Life is what you make it.
Em7                       Am7      D
It isn't easy and there's no guarantee.
          G           D
There's a fork in the road.
C               D
Find a path and take it.
Em7                   Am7                 D
Where is it leading?  Just go walk it and see.

G        D       Em
All good things around us
Am                        D
Started with a man with a dream,
G                D       Em7
And the problems that confound us
Am7                        D
May not be as hard as they seem,
    C                D
But you just keep on spinning
       Em                   A
As you go around again and again.
In the direction that you travel,
You watch your world unravel
And you'll never find a positive trend.

Are you seeking absolution
For a life that you don't want to defend?
Or is it just some involution
Of the effort you don't want to expend?
So if you want to hear the reason 
Why things aren't quite the way that you planned,
To forsake circumlocution
I'll give you the solution
In a way I think you might understand.

C             D       G          Em7
You're like a man who starved to death
Am7                 D         G      G7
Trapped between two tables of food.
C            D                  G               Em7
I'm tired of shouting, ‘cause I know you're not deaf.
A                       D
I'm gonna tell you if I have to be rude.

So try looking in the mirror
The next time you go look for a clue.
By now it should be clearer
Just what it is that you need to do.
If you dream it you can make it
And make it into something that's true.
Go reach for a solution
And make your resolution
‘Cause the only one to do it is you.