Lyrics and Music ©2011 by Bill Roper

Depending on the universe that you're living in, the difference between white and black magic may be simply a matter of your point of view.

Or not. But there are ways to find out. Hard ways, if you're not careful.

So is this good advice? Good question.

You know it's often stated
That black magic's overrated,
        A7/D                           Bm
But the people who will say it are the first ones to run.
When the mystic's getting manic,
They will fly into a panic
            A7/D                             B7           Em7
And they're never there to help you when the fighting's begun.
          A7                              Em7
If you're looking for a savior then start looking within
      A7                           B7
For a little bit of darkness and a helping of sin.
You'll find that you'll be fine
If you learn to walk the line
    A7/D                        B7         Em7
And let a little out instead of holding it in.

You've got to learn to love the darkness
         B7                  Em7
Like you learned to love the light.
You've got to be a little heartless
If you want to win the fight.

When you're under an attack
Doesn't matter if it's black,
‘Cause the magic that will save you is the magic you need.
When you're taking mystic fire,
It's no time to be a liar.
You are open to the darkness and you're letting it feed.
If you want to save the friend who's fighting there at your side
You have to take the chance she's gonna see what you want to hide.
So go for the good that's greater.
Make your explanations later.
The recrimination's greater after doing the deed.

Now the hero in romances
Might be out there taking chances
And you know he will survive it with a soul that's unstained.
But you know that's just a story – 
Just a tale of fiction's glory.
You know it's much more likely no survivor remained.
It's ok if you're hoping for some help from your friends,
But what if you're the one on whom survival depends?
You're the one on whom they're counting.
You can feel the pressure mounting
And you're praying that your darkness won't undo what you've gained.

When the time arrives to choose,
White or black are simply hues
To represent the forces that have come here to play.
So when it's time to fight
Use the black and use the white
And navigate a landscape colored in shades of gray.
If you want to be the last piece standing there on the board,
Purity's a luxury that you can't afford.
Whatever color you are using,
There is nothing worse than losing
So you cross the terminator into dark from the day.

(Chorus twice)

        Em7               A7
And you hear the darkness calling.
        Em7               A7
And you hear the darkness calling.
        Em7               A7
And you hear the darkness calling