Dark Star Lady

Lyrics ©1989 by Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music ©1989 by Bill Roper

Gretchen and I wrote this song for the second SpaceTime Theater show. Press Enter was, perhaps, the worst rock band in the galaxy. This was good, as I was the only one on stage playing an instrument I was actually familiar with. Of course, if you're going to do a sketch with a rock band, you need music...

A             E       D             A
I saw a dream walking under foreign skies.
A                   E        D                     E
She came out of the sunshine with the stars in her eyes.
F                         G      F                     G
There's a darkness that's hiding beneath her bright disguise
F                        G
And you'll find with the sunrise
             A         G A
That she's a dark star lady.

A                 G         D                   A
I was lost in the darkness, crying out for some light.
A                    G       D           E
She stood out like a beacon, defying the night.
A                  G             Bm                   Dm
Is she driving the dark away, or is this just another game?
A                            G
Are you the moth that in the candle burns?
Bm                                                        E
Flying from the darkness, caught between the cold and the flame?

I saw a dream walking like she hadn't a care.
She came out of the sunshine with the wind in her hair.
The sun and the wind can blind you -- you reach and she's not there.
She's fair, but unfair --
You'll find she's a dark star lady.

I was lost on an ocean with no wind for my sail.
She blew in like a zephyr from a mariner's tale.
Will she bring you to port again?  Will she ever set you free?
Will she trap you in the hurricane?
Is she gonna send you, condemn you to the depths of the sea?

I saw a dream walking while I stood in the rain.
She came out of the sunshine and led me home again.
But her heart is a desert drying you, till only bones remain.
As you're learning the pain
Of loving a dark star lady.

I was drifting in limbo at the doorstep of hell.
With the wings of an angel, she bore me up where I fell.
But you'll find she's a Lucifer, and you'll wish that you had taken flight.
Are you getting just what you deserve
When the dark fire of the demon, dark fire of the devil burns bright?

I saw a dream walking in a nightmare today.
She came out of the sunshine to drive the light away.
She's drinking you dry, she's draining you, like a spider's prey.
No way to escape
The heart of a dark star lady.