Counting Up

Lyrics and Music ©2023 by Bill Roper

Gretchen got out of bed first this morning. This left me lying there, drifting in and out of sleep, and as I drifted out of sleep, I constructed the chorus for a song. Having decided not to be stupid, I grabbed my phone and typed it in. This afternoon, the kids were off at a birthday party and when Gretchen went to pick them up, I was able to finish it. I hope you like it!

Am               G                  F/G            E7
One, you are the fuel that makes my rocket engines burn.
F/G              E7             F/G          E7
Two, you are the reason that my orbit will return.
Am                  G                 F/G        E7
Three, youíve got a pull with which I cannot disagree.
Dm                             E7
You are the best thing that is happening to me.

One, two, three,
Pull me close, itís time to kiss me.
One, two, three,
When Iím gone, you know youíll miss me.
Three, two, one,
    F/G                E7
Iím blasting off for another run,
    Dm               E7
But Iíll be back and then
     Dm                E7
Itís time for counting up again.

One, I want to have a little quiet conversation.
Two, and where it leads is up to your imagination.
Three, you are most everything that I have hoped to find.
You are the one whoís gonna make me lose my mind.

One, you are the only one I cannot wait to see.
Two, you are the person that I needed you to be.
Three, you are the one whoís got me making a new plan.
You are the one who gets my rocket ship to land.

Dm                                       E7
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Dm                                   E7
You make me want to go and then come back again.

One, you are the sweetest thing Iíve found on planet-side.
Two, you are the only one who leaves me satisfied.
Three, I want to bind it all together with a ring.
You are the only one who makes me want to sing.

(Chorus twice)

One, two, three.