Lyrics and Music ©1991 by Bill Roper

This song is the oldest of those on "Seven Miles a Second" and started off the entire cycle of jazzy music that I've written.

   Dm7                               Am7
We circle 'round each other like two planets in a dance
       Fmaj7                        Cmaj7
In our overlapping orbits that have led us to romance.
           Dm7                          Am7					
Though the tug of other bodies tries to tear us both apart,
   Fmaj7                          Cmaj7
We find we're bound together by a ring around the heart.

          Dm7                Am7
And we go round and round in circles,
          Dm7                   Am7/G
'Cause we can't face what we've found.
          Dm7                Am7
And we go round and round in circles,
Dm7               Fmaj7
Until we all fall down.
         Am7    Dm7   Am7  Dm7
All fall down.

We circle to the left.  We circle to the right.
We circle 'round each other in the middle of the night.
We've circled from the bottom all the way up to the top.
We'd like to break the circle but we don't know how to stop.

		      Fmaj7          Cmaj7
		We're both afraid to take a chance,
		   Fmaj7           Cmaj7
		To see a change destroy romance.
		    Dm7           Bbmaj7
		But in our circle game,
		   Dm7            G7
		We keep on losing just the same.

We circle through the thunder, we circle through the storm.
We circle close together 'cause we're trying to keep warm.
And everyone who watches wonders how we can survive.
We've got to break the circle if we want to stay alive.


		We've got to find a way to change,
		To take our lives and rearrange.
		With all we've got at stake,
		We've got to make that circle break.

And we'll be running through the wind and running through the rain.  
And all the people swear that we've got to be insane.
We're laughing and we're crying and we're soaked through to the skin.
'Cause we've found the circle's ending's just a new way to begin.