Cinnamon Rain

Lyrics and Music ©2003 by Bill Roper

There are times when you write a song and would really like to see the associated movie. This is one of them.

Em                             A
It's a pretty good life in the Rockies
      C            D     Em
In my cabin with nobody around.
I've got water, I've got power, and I get what I need
       C               D         Em
When I make my monthly trip into town.
  G                     D
I made a big wad in the market,
        C                          B7
Found a homestead fit for settling down.
        Em                         A
But I'm walking in the rain on the first day of spring
            C                   D        Em
And there's something that I've suddenly found.

	A              Em
	Cold night and cinnamon rain
	C               D            Em
	Bringing back a scent I'd forgotten.
	A           Em
	Old lights, fire in my brain
	C                 D         Em
	Bringing back the memory of you.

I would seek, I would find, but from deep in my mind
There's a warning that would tell me to stay.
If I turned and I ran, if I hadn't a plan
I'd be caught before the dawn of the day.
There are eyes waiting there, but I know I can't stare.
If I did then I'd be giving away
I've forgotten my name, but I'm back in the game
And the predators are turning to prey.

	    G                       D
	I remember your face in the water.
	    C                        D
	I remember footprints in the sand.
	       G                           D
	How we laughed and we cried and we talked and we tried
	        C                             D
	To keep going when we're too tired to stand.
	         Em                     A
	But they took you away and they made me forget
	         C             D             Em
	And they left me here awaiting their need.
	Till a chance mist of scent left my memory unbent
	    C               D            Em
	And now I've got to see where it leads.


I am watching the eyes of the watchers
All unknowing as I'm making my plan.
They don't know that I know and I'm not gonna show
That I'm certain that I know that I can
Make a break when I get to the city 
You're out there and I know when I find
The place where you stay, we'll be making them pay
For the things that they've done to our minds.

	C                 D         Em
	Bringing back the memory of you.
	C                 D              Em
	Bringing back the sweet scent of you.