Change Winds

Lyrics and Music ©2009 by Bill Roper

Gretchen has for some time spoken of change winds, where you can sense from the breeze that things will be different in the future. The change winds in this song are rather more aggressive in how they rearrange things and lives.

When I was writing this, I entered into the bridge thinking there was going to be a third verse. And when the bridge was done, I realized that the song was too.

      Amaj7        Bbmaj7     Amaj7    Em7
Let's dance by the light of a cinnabar moon.
    Amaj7          Bbmaj7     Cmaj7      E7
The change wind is blowing, arriving too soon,
   Amaj7       Em7        Dmaj7      Dm7
So move to the beat and remember the tune.
     Amaj7      Em7       Amaj7            Em7
It's magic, you see, that shapes what will be
         Amaj7      Em7           Amaj7
And it's magic that brings you to me.

        Amaj7       Dmaj7        Dm7          Amaj7
Can you feel in the distance the chill in the air
     Cmaj7         D6           Amaj7
More cool than the wind that is blowing?
   Amaj7        Dmaj7       Dm7          Amaj7
It whispers and tickles and ruffles your hair
    Cmaj7         D6              Amaj7
And speaks of the things that are going.
  Em7            Dmaj7        Amaj7
A change wind is blowing from out of the west
        Em7         D6            E7sus4        E7
And its magic might steal all the things I love best.

What was before is not what was to be
When the change wind blows past where we're living.
And the truth from before's not the truth that you see
When the magic comes taking and giving.
Future and past are like leaves on the breeze
And I'm holding you close before memory flees.

	         D6          Dm6
	When the change wind arrives
	    Amaj7       Em7
	Rearranging our lives
	    D6           Dm6          Amaj7
	And stealing the love that we knew,
	        D6           Dm6
	There's still just a chance
	         Amaj7   Em7
	One last magical dance
	      D6         Dm6                E7sus4      E7
	Might serve as a shield ‘gainst the wind coming through.

(Chorus twice)
         Amaj7      Em7           Amaj7
And it's magic that brings you to me.
         Amaj7      Em7   E7sus4 E7       Amaj7
And it's magic that brings         you to me.