Lyrics and Music ©1986 by Bill Roper

Teri Lee had asked me to see if I could write some more cheerful material when I was getting ready to put together The Grim Roper. When I pulled out this song, she replied, "That's not cheerful. That's just belligerent."

Well, it was progress. Technical Difficulties covered this song on one of their albums, which is one of the few times that's happened to me. Cool!

D                A        Em             A 
Must have been a dream -- what else then could it be?
D           A       G                A
Opened up a door to see what lies outside of me.
G                   A             F#m             G
Something was there sleeping -- I swear I did not know.
  D         C      Em            A      D
I gave it a little nudge just to say hello.

Kaleidoscope of light -- for a moment I was blind.
While I could not see, it lodged itself inside my mind.
I snapped back through the doorway -- I tried but could not flee.
The light turned to darkness, the darkness inside of me.

	D                                C             Em        A
	I'll not run from the lightning, flee from the thunder's sound.
	D                        C         Em       A
	Here is the place I have chosen to stand my ground!
	    G                   F#m             C                    D
	And though the wind may lash at me, the rain still dares not fall.
	D         C        Em              A           D
	Living or dying, I swear that I'll still stand tall.

Now a week has passed -- the thing grows stronger every day.
It summons up the storm to try to frighten me away.
But I have watched it working -- its power is mine to share.
I cry for the battle -- come face me now if you dare!

	  F#m                 G             A              F#m
	I think that you're a coward -- you fight by sneak attack.
	         Em                A                    Em               A
	And your power is weak without me -- that's why you're not going back.
	F#m       G                 A              F#m
	None need die today -- just leave me to be free.
	Em               A                 Em              A
	Two may die, but if one dies, that one will not be me!