Cable Car to the Sky

Lyrics and Music ©2010 by Bill Roper

I wrote this for the 2010 OVFF songwriting contest where the subject was "It's not Rocket Science".

And, you know, it isn't...

          Cmaj7     Em7              A
I'm gonna ride on a cable car to the sky.
          Dm7                               Fm6           G
I'm gonna cruise on up to orbit – I'm gonna find a way to fly.
          Dm7             G            Em7              A
I'm gonna look past the horizon with a newborn spacer's eyes,
   Dm7                   D7                      G                G7
So clang the bell, we're on our way, ‘cause this car knows how to rise.

     Cmaj7         Am7                    Fmaj7          G
It's just a couple hundred miles from the ground up into space,
        Cmaj7       Am7                 Fmaj7            G
But I'm never gonna make that trip at a rocket's frantic pace.
  Fmaj7          Em7          Fmaj7           Em7
I want to travel leisurely, I want to take my time.
          Dm7           D7sus4        G/D
I want to hop aboard my cable car and watch her start to climb.

Now Jack went up the beanstalk and that's how I'm gonna go.
But Jack got his the easy way – he just had to watch it grow.
Our beanstalk is a cable reaching up from Earth to space.
The cable cars that climb it are the ones that won the race.

       Dm7               G                 Cmaj7           Am7/G
It's a long, long way to geosync, but I've got the time to spare.
    Dm7           G                       Cmaj7            Am7/G
The destination's just the thing, but the fun's in getting there.
    Dm7            Em7               Dm7            Em7
I'm looking out my window and you've gotta love the view
        Dm7                 D7sus4          G/D
And the thing that makes me happiest is I'm going there with you.

A hundred thousand miles away, we'll reach our cable's end
And there we'll board our ship to Mars with delta-V to spend,
‘Cause you don't need rocket science to set out on our fling,
But when it comes to slowing down, a rocket's just the thing.

(Chorus twice)
          Dm7       G                Cmaj7
I'm gonna ride on a cable car to the sky.
       Dm7          Cmaj7
To the sky.  To the sky.
       Dm7          Cmaj7   Dm7 Cmaj7
To the sky.  To the sky.