Breaking Orbit

Lyrics and Music ©2008 by Bill Roper

I'd been kicking this song around for a while and finally finished it one night when I was having trouble sleeping. I still didn't have a title for it until I posted it and asked for help, which many people supplied. Brother Guy hit what I was looking for on the first try.

Amaj7              Dmadd9 Amaj7 Dmadd9 Amaj7 B7
If you're tired of sit----ting  ‘round and   feeling blue,
Let's put our heads together.
      D             E7
We'll find a way in any weather.
Amaj7               Dmadd9 Amaj7 Dmadd9 Amaj7 B7
There's no need for loo----king  ‘round for   something new,
‘Cause nothing could be better
        D                    A
Than to spend some time with you.

A           E7                              D             A
When you're going ‘round in circles wearing ruts into the ground
           E7                             D                  A
And you're searching for solutions to the boredom that we've found,
      D                                 A
Let's take that old remote and stop the TV for a night
    Dm                           E7
And find a pair of candles and a match to give us light.

If the strains of modern living are enough to break your back,
Let's take our conversation somewhere off the beaten track.
Let's talk of bright tomorrows and of walks upon the moon
And folks who won the battle by not giving up too soon.

      G             D              A
Let's take a walk beneath a starry sky.
      C                 D                   A
We'll see that there is more than meets the eye.
    C                D           A
And listening with a sympathetic ear,
      G                   D             E7
We'll find that there's a better way to hear.

If we see the sun rise, ‘cause we've talked all through the night,
Well, things just might look better when we see them in the light.
The bits of life that made us blue may not have gone away,
But I'm happy that I'm here with you to face another day.

Amaj7          Dmadd9 Amaj7 Dmadd9 Amaj7 B7
Nothing is too hard   when  I      am    here with you
And I'll meet you in the morning
       D               A
On the far side of the moon.