Live In Germany (mostly...)

Live In Germany cover

Available on Bandcamp.
Gretchen and I were delighted to be invited as guests to DFDF in 2019 by Sib and Smac. We had a wonderful time.

Steve recorded both of our concerts and then suggested that we should really do a live album using the material. He was right, but I'm a lousy judge of my own limitations under these conditions, so Steve did all of the primary misdowns for this album, while I did the final mastering. But it never would have happened if he hadn't gotten behind it and pushed. I'm very grateful for that.

Library Song
Brain Sludge
Crystal Dance
Make a Joyful Noise
The Anything Machine
Too Many Years
Running Down the Stars
My Husband, the Filker
Teenage Popsicle Girl
Running Down the Storyline
Just Play
Stuck On You
The Wind From Rainbow's End